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Facebook has rolled out several new features lately. One of them is their new list feature. In the software business we call bugs a “feature’ but this time we are talking about Facebook. We will let you decide if Lists are a Bug or a new Feature.

Facebook Lists

Facebook has rolled out  lists as a way for fans to manage getting updates from their fan pages. So how do you ensure your fans see all your posts on their News Feed? The Facebook answer is Lists.


To start the list building process, select the Liked Button to activate the drop down list.

To get on a List, a Fan needs to first visit a Page. It can be your Page (or another page, sorry). Once on the Facebook Page, hover the Liked Button and select the drop down  “ADD TO INTEREST LISTS”.

Then select NEW LIST.

Please note that once you are in this screen, you can add more of your PAGES to the same LIST by clicking the PAGES on the side bar. The original Page you sleeted is still selected. Click on the ones you would like to include in your new List. I am going to add to my Wine list. Once you are done selecting pages, click NEXT.

When selecting Pages, please note that is you are a business, the pages shown are connected to your Personal profile.

Now set your PRIVACY level for your LISTS. If you skip this step the default is PUBLIC.

The page(s) you selected will show on this screen. Be sure to adjust the privacy settings.

Once you have created one list you can manage lists on your page. It will show up on under your NAME on the top right side of the page. You can SHARE your LIST with friends. You will also notice that on your right side bar are now suggestions for your lists. You can go in and MANAGE your lists as well.

You can now manage your Lists and view the posts by your Lists.

Why Build Lists?

By building Lists, you can ensure you and your Fans can see posts and updates from the Pages that they Like. It is also a great way to view your Favorite Pages by categories. If you follow or Like many pages, now you can scan through the Lists to see just the Post you Like.

True building the Lists can take time and little hand holding but once they are created they will give you a new way of  following you favorite Pages.

Sharing Lists

Sharing your Lists with friends is another way of getting your page out there. When one of your fans Shares a List you are on, you have just reached a whole new group of Facebook users.

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